Full use of returns-only way to save your waiting time to change the goods
If you need to replace the goods, please return the goods and place a new order

◆ Return policy

Merchandise for sale by bestcustomideas is our elaborate development, design work, we are looking forward to your family can like we love the best goods, our understanding of the Internet shopping has cognitive gap, choose errors or other problems, please partner after receiving goods, to remain calm, commodity packaging and tags are properly preserved, immediately try to confirm size, check whether appropriate, whether it is right or major defective goods, and feel we inject enthusiasm in our products, such as intention to return the receipt of goods, please “seven days” to the order, apply for a refund of the communications with customers,If the appreciation period exceeds seven days, the return of goods will not be accepted.

Return address

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How to modify, cancel and combine orders ?
In order to avoid errors affecting inventory and accounting, please forgive us for not being able to “modify”, “cancel” or “merge” your order. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below the order.
★ Remind you, in case of order status is “confirmed”, the order has been completed to prepare goods can not be intercepted, please forgive can not help to change the order content; If there are any unsuitable commodities, please apply for return service within seven days of appreciation.

I want to return or exchange the goods after receiving the goods – (the size is not right, the color is different, I don’t like it, it is not what I expected)
We offer free shipping and exchange service (limited in Taiwan). You can return or exchange goods as long as the goods are within seven days of appreciation (refer to the return procedure).
The returned goods shall be packaged in good condition and have complete accessories, which will not affect the re-sale of brand new goods (tags and trademarks are completely uncut, no stains, no water, no modification); The packaging should also be returned intact. If you do not comply with the above return conditions, your application for return will not be accepted. Please pay attention to avoid affecting your rights and interests of return. As long as you keep the brand new goods and the packaging is intact, you can complete the return application within seven days according to the seven-day appreciation period of the goods according to the laws and regulations, and refer to the instructions of the return process.
How to sort out the defective products ?
Non-defective factors: thread ends, a few threads, tiny stains, errors in size of 1~1.5cm, color difference of photos, and poor smell of new products; In addition, there will be more or less uneven printing and offset printing spots/printing small color spots (less than 0.5 cm square)… These international inspection standards are acceptable, not defective.

Under what circumstances can not be returned or replaced
Goods will not be accepted more than seven days after receipt!
(2) the goods have used traces or damage (including residual perfume and other smells on the goods), return and replacement goods after water washing, shoes dirty wear, residual smell (example: perfume, body odor, smoke, lotion) and other non-full new state, will not be able to accept return and replacement goods.
(3) For the specified limited quantity or preferential goods, due to the limited quantity and the limited period of sale, we are not allowed to accept the return or exchange of goods
** If you can accept and abide by the above regulations, please lower your bid to avoid unnecessary consumption disputes.

 Who pays for the shipping costs when making the return?

If you are returning multiple items, please return them together to enjoy Free Return on all items. If you return the goods one by one, you may need to pay an additional shipping fee.

If the product is in good condition, but you don’t like it and want to return it back, the postage needs to be borne by you.

We need to receive your return check before we can apply for refund. The application time will be returned to your original payment account within 2-3 working days

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